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Court Dress | c. 1860-65

The combination of court dress and the 1860s crinoline makes for a most splendid garment. Dress worn to court was the most elaborate and expensive ensemble in a lady’s wardrobe. This example characterises the rich embellishment of this type of dress, decorated with hand and machine embroidery, ribbons and silk gauze. Although presentations at court took place during the day, the arms and shoulders were bare as in evening dress. In addition to a skirt worn over a very large crinoline, a train extending for several metres was an essential feature of court dress. Young debutantes would spend hours practising how to curtsey and walk backward in such an elaborate ensemble before their first presentation at court.


Boussuge dress, 1880-90

From the Musee Galliera


Wedding dress designed by Helen Rose for Grace Kelly, worn at her wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco, April 19, 1956

From the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Silk Crepe Gown, ca. 1902

L’Esperance Robes

via Vintage Textile

(via xhistorical-fashionx)

Ball Gown | c. 1865

Bare shoulders were typical of 1860s evening gowns, as in this sumptuously adorned example. Full skirts created the illusion of a narrow waist. Cage crinolines had replaced layers of petticoats as the way to maintain a skirt’s fullness, and many women (as well as men) enjoyed the flirtatious, ankle-revealing swing of a crinoline.

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Charles James | Evening Gown | c. 1951

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audrey1nd asked: Just wondering, one costume historian to another (and one who bemoans costume history tumblrs run by people who have no idea what they're on about), where did you study and/or how did you learn about costume history?

I am mostly self taught. I did study fashion design and took many costume design courses at Florida State. But I have been fascinated with history and it’s costumes my whole life.