Wedding Dress | c. 1870

This is probably the most amazing lace I have ever seen.


I went to a club tonight called “Versailles” and the walls were graced with portraits of Marie Antoinette, Pompadour and Louis XIV-XVI. I ignored all the guidos and enjoyed it.

Ball Gown | c. 1823

in love with this color!

Cotton Dress | c. 1830

Afternoon Dress | c. 1850s

caroloovveee asked: i LOVE your blog!! keep it up; you are truly amazing!

Thank you! I love that you love it.

Ball Gown | c. 1818

Visiting Dress | c. 1850

heeeey badonk.

Dress | c. 1850

This makes me want to take a ride in a one horse open sleigh. 

Wedding Dress | c. 1844 

Met Museum