I’m a college graduate!

I graduated from Florida State University on Friday! I am now in the airport on my way back to NYC. Let’s hope I find a job this Summer! Sorry for the lack of posts but this has been a crazy semester with internships, jobs, moving to NYC and a lot of back forth to Florida. 

btw Jacksonville International plays sexy sax music in the terminal and a couple is dancing. 

  1. dreamcraeft said: Congrats!
  2. older-and-far-away said: Congratulations!
  3. incessantlycold said: congratulations! :)
  4. fantasticpassion-deactivated2012 said: Congrats!! :D
  5. grumpycakes said: COMGRADUMATIONS!
  6. jamesthepious said: My sister graduated there last May! I was in Charlotte airport the tuesday before last and I listened to live piano while sitting in a rocking chair eating gelato. Fabulous.
  7. porcelaindancer said: CONGRATS!!!!! I cant wait to graduate. “Whats is Jacksonville?” haha twilight quote.
  8. fiberandfumes said: wait whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I went to FSU too and just graduated as well! congratulations!
  9. kosmonaunt said: CONGRATULATIONS COLLAGE GRAD!!! I wish you the best of luck on your post college life! Especially when it comes to finding a job. GOOD LUCK!!