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Sarah Campbell by Sir Joshua Reynolds | c. 1777

OBSESSED with these sleeves atm.

François Boucher | La toilette intime


Eugénie de Montijo (via 1853 Eugénie de Montijo by Franz Xaver Winterhalter (Versailles) | Grand Ladies | gogm)

George Romney | Lady Milnes | 1788

Giovanni Boldini | Marchesa Luisa Casati with a greyhound | c. 1908

I completely forgot her in my “Favorite 20th Century Icon” post earlier. She is the namesake of the Marchesa fashion house (for those of you who didn’t know).

Giovanni Boldini | “The Black Sash” | c. 1905

Edwin Landseer | c. 1836

One of these wire-haired terriers has a ram’s horn snuff container and wears a Scottish bonnet, while the other has a clay pipe in its mouth and wears a lady’s cap. A critic observed that the artist ‘gives them all the intelligence of the canine nature’ but ‘never plays with the falsehood of a fanciful or humanised expression’.

Mary, Countess of Howe | Thomas Gainsborough

Lady Alston | Thomas Gainsborough | c. 1765

Susanna Hope by Joseph Wright of Derby | c. 1771

These sleeves!