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Charles Frederick Worth | Russian Imperial Court Dress | c. 1888

Court Presentation Ensemble | Callot Souers | c. 1928

Wedding Ensemble | Callot Souers | c. 1930

In my opinion this is the epitome of 1930s couture. Imagine the woman that walked down the aisle in this. LIVING!

xtravaganza eleganza (n.): something possessing exceptionally high amounts of elegance

Edward Molyneaux “1762 Doll”

Designed for the “Merci Train” in 1947 there are 49 in total (for each of the 48 U.S. States and Washington D.C.) 

A few more of my favorites

Jean Bader “1733”

Jean Desses “1774”

Germaine Lecomte “1892”